DRD 2018 Feedback

Many thanks to all those who attended this year. It was another great Double Reed Day! But don’t take my word for it, here are some of the comments we’ve had from those attending.

Thank you for the double reed day. A (aged 10) loved it and is very keen to go back next year. She really enjoyed the reed making session.
Thank you for organising it.

Great day

What a great day, I really enjoyed it very much. The masterclass was very interesting and informative, the mass play was good fun and the chamber music (Haydn) was challenging and great to play.
So many other good things during the day, the food! catching up with
people from last year, browsing the stands, Andrew had a quick look at
my oboe, the list is endless…
Thank you so much, looking forward to next year already!

Thanks for a brilliant day on Sunday. Everything was fantastic and I especially enjoyed Jessica Mogridge’s masterclasses, Andrew Denyer’s ensemble coaching, and your big band arrangement of Royals.

Thank you for a fantastic day. I had a lot of fun and played a shocking amount of bad music (or rather played a shocking amount of music badly) – although playing the Can Can with Gareth Twigg is something not many middle aged women can say.
A lot of wonderful talent was in the auditorium yesterday.
See you next year.

Many thanks to you and the team for a brilliantly organised day.
I hope I’m on the mailing list for next year!

Thank you so much for a fabulous day. H thoroughly enjoyed it and has come away wanting to learn both the cor anglais and bassoon! I was so impressed by what everyone achieved in such a short amount of time. I think I can safely say that H is hooked on ensemble music. I am so glad he has had this experience – there’s nothing like playing music in a group of any size; it’s a powerful feeling.
Thank you for a great day and all your hard work L had a great day.

J had a great time as always. It’s such a well organised day, you fit so much in, and I think providing food is a great idea as well. I wanted to say a particular thank you for the masterclass – J came out full of joy with how well it went. I always put her in for the masterclasses to get her to perform alone a little bit as she just won’t do this anymore, just in small groups or orchestra. So it is safe to say she was not looking forward to it. I’m so pleased that the tutor talked about her lack of confidence and then asked everyone for feedback. J was delighted to hear that her peers thought she played well – this
information is not the same from your mother! Thank you again and see you next year!

Thank you for organising it all. It was a really good day, very wide ranging and a joy to see all ages and levels working together. My first time but not the last!

I thank you for making it such a success for everyone involved. Everyone felt included – even the audience understood what had gone on during the day….Yummy food as usual, too.

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