DRD 2019 Feedback

Thank you to everyone who came along and made this year’s event another great success. Here’s some of the feedback we have received about the event.

 I too would like to thank you for the Double Reed Day, I really enjoyed the reed-making sessions and the opportunity to immerse myself in chamber music playing for an hour. Having a shawm session would be good as I’ve had one for 10 years and not played it seriously at all, some pointers would be a spur to trying it out.

And just a quick personal thanks from me for the lovely day you provided us with yesterday. For me it was especially nice to meet up with Andy King, who had taught my elder son oboe approx 25 years ago. Also v useful to hear David Blyth’s tips on reed care, which has bedevilled my efforts over the last 4 years since I started learning.

Thank you for a really excellent double reed day last week. I thought it was very well organised and had a lovely, friendly, unintimidating vibe! I hope to return next year, and will certainly encourage some pupils and other oboe ‘colleagues’ to join me.

I just wanted to say a big thank you for another successful GDRD this year.  I had a great time doing the reed making adjusting and I got a lot of positive feedback; I am hoping next year to come back as a reed maker and as a business!

Both the masterclass and practice techniques session with Rebekah Abramski were brilliant and she has been my favourite Bassoon master so far; she was so patient with the adult learners and inspirational for the younger learners. 

Many thanks to you both. I did a gig in Broughton the day before (pm + eve) and I was down to the wire by the end of Sunday. But it was still a great day, thanks.

Thank you so much. H loved the day once he got over the hurdle of realising he’d left his music behind… I wish someone had done something similar for me when I was young. I find it truly inspirational to see people of all ages playing together like this. Thank you. 

A big thank you to everyone who made Sunday so entertaining and instructive.  I appreciated the help everyone gave and playing in an orchestra like that was a real buzz – a definite first for me, but I will be back, God willing.

We thought Amy and Rebekah were amazing – their instruments just seemed to be a part of them and Amy’s Masterclass was really helpful. See you next year!

I really enjoyed the day- the variety of options, quality of teaching, the food!

Thank you and to all who organised it.


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