Previous Masters

Previous Masters

The following professional players have given masterclasses at previous Gloucestershire Double Reed Days.


Neil Black
Ruth Bolister
James Brown
Geoffrey Browne
George Caird
Roy Carter
Rachel Clegg
Nick Daniel
Tom Davey
Liz Fyfe
Helena Gaunt
Amy McKean
Melinda Maxwell
Jessica Mogridge
Celia Nicklin
Jenni Phillips
Sarah Roper
Richard Simpson
Alison Teale
David Theodore
Richard Weigall
Mike Winfield


Rebecca Abramski
Roger Birnstingl
David Buckland
John Burness
Sarah Burnett
Robert Codd
Dierdre Dundas-Grant
Martin Gatt
Toddy Harman
Peter Harrison
Gordon Laing
Steve Marsden
Gareth Newman
Lawrence Perkins
Gareth Twigg
Chris Vale
William Waterhouse
Peter Wesley

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